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  1. 所有參賽者都必須符合政府之「疫苗通行證」之要求,並顯示為「藍碼」。

  2. 所有參賽者必須在比賽開始前 48 小時內進行 COVID-19 聚合酶鏈反應 (PCR) 測試並提供陰性的檢測結果。

  3. 所有參賽者必須在比賽當天進行快速抗原檢測(RAT),並在檢測結果上寫上自己的名字。​於比賽當天需要出示陰性結果 (檢測棒實物或照片都可) 方可進入出發區。

  4. 比賽當天需要出示已填寫健康申報表的確認電郵或截圖

  5. 量度體溫低於37.5度

* 措施會因新冠狀病毒發展及政府要求而更新


  1. 參賽者在比賽開始時間前3分鐘可進入起跑區,將會每50位參加者相隔3分鐘一批出發

  2. 比賽起步前不會有賽前簡報。

  3. 所有參賽者必須在起跑區和終點區保持不少於1.5米的社交距離。

  4. 所有參賽者可以在比賽開始後50米距離除下口罩。

  5. 所有參賽者必須佩戴口罩,但參賽者進行比賽時在合理和必要的情況下飲食時除外。

  6. 在檢查站只有義工可以協助參加者補給飲料


  1. 參賽者的陪步人仕、支援人仕和觀眾不得進入賽事路線、檢查站、起跑區和終點區。

  2. 參賽者衝過終點線後,請必須於2分鐘內戴上口罩,並盡快離開終點區,避免聚集。

  3. 參賽者完賽後,於終點區和行李區領取完賽物資時,請保持不少於1.5米的社交距離 

  4. 賽事當日會舉行頒獎典禮,得獎者期間仍需要保持社交距離。

Anti-epidemic Policy

Race Entry Requirements:

1. All runners must comply with the government's "Vaccine Pass" requirements, and show "Blue Code".
2. All runners are required to take COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test and provide validated negative results within 48 hours before the start of the race.
3. All runners must conduct rapid antigen test (RAT) on the race day with their names written on the test device, and need to show the picture of testing result at the start area.

4. All runners must show the confirmation email or screen capture of completed Health Declaration form on the race day.

5. Body temperature measured lower than 37.5ºC

Race Start:

  1. No briefing will be conducted on the day of the race start.

  2. All runners must keep social distancing of not less than 1.5m with one another at the start and finish areas.

  3. All runners can take off their masks about 50 meters after passing the starting line.

  4. All runners must wear masks at all way, except when runners who are on competition in the race route or when the person is drinking and eating where reasonably necessary. 

  5. Only volunteers can help runners to refill water and drinks.

  6. Runners will start in batches of a maximum of 50 runners, each batch will leave at the start area every 3 minutes as follow:


During the Race:

  1. Pacers, runner supports and spectators are not allowed along on the course, at the checkpoints, the start and finish areas.

  2. Runners must put on their masks after passing the finish line within 2 minutes, and leave the finish area as soon as possible to avoid overcrowding.

  3. All runners must keep social distancing of not less than 1.5m with one another at the finish and bag drop areas

  4. ​Prize presentation ceremony will be conducted, award winners must keep social social distancing.

* The requirement is subject to change according to the COVID-19 development and government request.

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