越嶺系列賽 - 沙田50

越嶺系列賽沙田50將於2023年2月11日舉行,賽事距離有30及50公里,總爬升分別約1500及2700米,組別有個人,雙人隊際及四人隊際。賽事路線主要圍繞馬鞍山郊野公園,沿途經過多條郊遊徑、古道、陡坡山徑、麥徑以及衛徑。其中逆走麥徑第4段會經過著名的馬鞍山,飽覽東面西貢半島的全景; 而50公里賽程更會登上將軍澳區內最高的鷓鴣山,遠望牛尾海及清水灣半島。最後踏上飛鵝山道,遠眺九龍連綿的群山,俯覽整個東九龍城市景色。

Mountain Range Trail Series - Shatin 50

Mountain Range Trail Series Shatin 50 will be held on 11 February 2023, includes 30km and 50km courses with open to solo, 2-person teams, 4-person teams of runners, for a cumulative elevation gain of 1500m+ and 2700m+ respectively.


Shatin 50 covers around Ma On Shan Country Park and passes through a number of country trails, ancient trails, steep trails, MacLehose Trail and Wilson Trail. Taking reverse section 4 of the MacLehose Trail, the path passes through the famous Ma On Shan, to enjoy a panoramic view of the Sai Kung East Peninsula.   The 50km course will also bring you to Razor Hill in Tseung Kwan O, overlooking the Port Shelter and the Clear Water Bay Peninsula. Finally, a long climb going up to the Fei Ngo Shan Road, rewarding runners with the stunning Kowloon mountain ranges and the beautiful city view of East Kowloon.