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越嶺系列賽 - 大埔50


Mountain Range Trail Series - Tai Po 50

Mountain Range Trail Series Tai Po 50 will be held on 16 December 2023, includes 23km and 49km courses with open to solo, 2-person teams of runners, for a cumulative elevation gain of 1400m+ and 2700m+ respectively. The courses cover around the mountains in the northeastern New Territories, mainly around Pak Sin Leng Country Park, and passes through a number of country trails, ancient trails, steep paths and reservoirs.

49km course will go up to the rare trails of the highest hill Robin‘s Nest of the northeastern NT,  overlook the Shenzhen border and Starling Inlet. For the second half, it goes through the country trail in Wu Kau Tang and Bride's Pool, and enjoy a panoramic view of Pak Sin Leng during the endless up and down on the ranges. At last,  it bring you go down to Hok Tau Reservoir and Shan Lo Tung then back to the finish.

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