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  1. 參加者應為自己和他人的安全著想,無論任何時候應顧及途中的其他使用者。

  2. 參加者如遇上惡劣天氣或身體不適 , 請立即終止活動

  3. 參加者請小心橫過馬路留意路面情況

  4. 請遵守限聚令條例 《預防及控制疾病條例》(第599章),保持社交距離,完成活動後請即戴上口罩。

  5. 請不要沿途亂扔垃圾,破壞任何植物或騷擾動物

  6. 建議參加者進行活動前仔細閱讀及了解路線資料,並下載GPX檔案到手機或手錶作地圖瀏覽及導航用途。

  7. 參加者必需跟隨活動指定路線一次過完成,以及在指定地標展示號碼布拍照打咭,完成路線的里數不得少於活動路線的里數,參加者可於活動日期內多次參與,揀選最佳紀錄上載一次。

  8. 如發現參加者抄捷徑或沒有完成指定路線,大會有權不派發完成禮品。

  9. 參加者對於活動的參與承擔全部責任,建議參加者自行購買個人意外保險,主辦機構對參加者安全一概不負責任。

  10. 大會保留酌情修改活動規則、路線及其他安排的最終權利。

  11. 所有報名不設退款及轉讓他人。

  12. 所有參加者需在13/1/2021 - 15/2/2021內一次性完成指定虛擬跑路線及自拍相片,上載(輸入成績)到以下網址。(
    (1) 編輯代碼 (確認電郵有提供)
    (2) 完成活動的GPX紀錄
    (3) 打卡自拍相片(顯示號碼布)

Important Notes & Rules
  1. Please ensure your own and other's safety, and be considerate of other route users at all times.

  2. Participants should terminate the activity immediately if they encounter bad weather or physical discomfort.

  3. Participants should cross the road carefully and pay attention to the road conditions.

  4. Please follow the Regulation (Cap. 599) for public gathering limit and maintain the social distance, wear a mask after finishing the activity.

  5. Please no littering and damage to any flora or disturb to fauna along the route.

  6. Participants are recommended to study the event information and route carefully, and download GPX file to your mobile phones or watches for showing the map view and navigational purposes.

  7. Participants must follow the designated route of the activity to complete at once and take selfie photos by displaying the number bib at the designated checkpoints. The mileage completion of the route must not be less than the designated route. Participants is able to join the activity at many times, and choose the best record to upload once.

  8. If participants are found to take shortcuts or fail to complete the designated route, the organizer reserves the right not to distribute the finisher souvenirs.

  9. Participants realize that the activity is undertaken under their own responsibility, we recommend that you have your own personal accident cover. The organizer is not responsible for the safety of participants.

  10. The organizer reserves the final right to make changes to the above rules, route and other arrangements as they deem appropriate.

  11. All registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  12. Participants should complete a virtual run between 13/1/2021 and 15/2/2021 in one go and upload your results and selfie photos to the link below.
    (1) Edit code (Show in the confirmation email)
    (2) GPX link of your completed record
    (3) Selfie photos at checkpoints with your Bib


  • 能打出的手提電話
  • 不少於1公升容量的水
  • 至少200卡路里食物
  • 至少港幣$100現金

  • ​急救包 (藥用膠布、繃帶卷、包紮膠帶、酒精棉、止痛藥等)
  • 後備口罩
  • ​越野跑鞋
  • 行山杖
  • 太陽眼鏡

  • ​防曬帽

  • 防曬手袖

  • ​小腿套

  • ​手套

  • 電話充電器

  • 防磨損膏

  • 哨子

Recommended Items
  • Mobile phone (able to make a call)

  • Capacity to carry at least 1 litre of water

  • Food (min. 200 kcal)

  • Cash (min. HKD100)

  • First Aid kit (adhesive strips, bandage roll, adhesive tape, alcohol swab, painkiller, etc.)
  • ​Spare mask
  • Trail Running Shoes
  • Trekking poles

  • ​Sunglasses

  • Visor / Hat

  • Cooling arm sleeves

  • Calf sleeves

  • ​Gloves

  • Portable charger for mobile phone

  • Anti-chafing cream 

  • Whistle 

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