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【2021越嶺系列賽 沙田50 賽事延期至2022】


按目前疫情和限聚令的狀況, 很抱歉2021年度的越嶺沙田將會再延期到2022年, 預計賽事日期亦會暫定在3月份, 倘若情況有改善, 我們將會公布賽事資料和暫定日期。

閣下的2020年度賽名額將繼續順延到2022年, 而無需採取任何行動, 有待2022年賽事再次開放報名時, 可以選擇繼續參加或轉讓。


另外, 我們希望鼓勵大家持續運動, 保持身心健康, 將會在本月份三月底舉辦越嶺虛擬跑, 報名詳情快將公布, 請密切留意賽事網站及FB粉絲專頁, 而我們亦會發出有關電郵通知大家!

2020年是困難的一年, 希望大家仍然能抱著正面的心情去面對逆境, 如同在越野路上遇到挑戰, 跑者仍然堅持到抵, 經歷不如意的過程後, 突破自己成長, 這正是越野跑教會我們面對生活上的一種積極態i度。

祝大家身體健康, 在戶外運動時仍然保持社交距離,期待2022年實體賽事與您們見面!




【2021 Mountain Range Trail Series Shatin 50 race postponed to 2022】

Dear MR Shatin 50 participants,

According to the current situation of the epidemic and the gathering restrictions, we are sorry that the 2021 MR Shatin 50 will be postponed to 2022. The rescheduled date will also be tentatively set in March 2022. If the situation improves, we will announce more event updated information.


Your entry for the 2020 race will holdover to the 2022 edition without taking any action. You will have an option to continue participating or transfer when the 2022 registration is confirmed to reopen again.


In addition, we hope to encourage our participants to keep doing exercise and maintaining physical and mental health. We will hold an MR virtual run at the end of March. Registration details will be announced soon, please stay tuned with us for the latest information on our website and FB fan page. An event email will also be released soon.


2020 is a tough year for all of us, we hope that everyone has a positive mind to face adversity. Just like a challenge on the trail, runners are able to break through the difficulties when things go wrong and push themselves at the end. This is trail running teaches us how to have a positive attitude in facing our real life.


We thank you again for your support, patience and hope all goes well!

Stay healthy! Please keep social distancing when doing all outdoor activities, we look forward to seeing you again in physical events in 2022!

Warm regards,
Mountain Range Team


【越嶺系列賽沙田50 賽事再次延期】

感謝大家一直支持越嶺, 好抱歉越嶺系列賽沙田50將會再次延期到2021年3月27日舉行。

最近疫情開始緩和, 但限聚令等社交距離措施仍然受到限制, 大型戶外活動難以順利進行, 所以大會決定取消原定於10月26日舉行的賽事, 原有參加者名額將會保留到明年賽事。

再次感謝參加者, 跑步團體, 義工, 攝影師, 贊助商, 過去幾年來陪伴著越嶺一起成長。 山一直都在, 我們依然保持樂觀, 希望疫情快將過去, 大會可以在一個安全及健康情況底下, 去舉辦一個越野跑賽事。


#越嶺系列賽 #沙田50 #賽事延期 #未來可期

#保持社交距離 #保持身心健康

【Mountainrange Trail Series Shatin 50 rescheduled again】

Thank you all for supporting Mountainrange. We are regret that Mountainrange Trail Series Shatin 50 will be rescheduled again to 27 March 2021.

The epidemic has recently eased, but social distancing measures such as social gathering ban are still restricted, it is difficult for us to carry out an large-scale outdoor event smoothly. Therefore, we have to cancel the event originally scheduled for 26 October 2020, and the registration of participants will be retained until next year's event.

Thank you again to all the participants, running groups, volunteers, photographers, and sponsors who have accompanied Mountainrange to grow together over the past few years. The mountain has always been there, and we remain optimistic that the epidemic will soon pass. We can hold a trail running event under safe and healthy conditions.

Warm regards,

Mountain Range Team

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